Summer Mini Camp

The XBOTS are not only competitors but also contributors. Recently, we have reached out to the community by organizing a Robotics Mini Camp in the Cupertino Library. This program was held for a group of 19 children of age 10-14 to learn to build and program NXT robots. The camp was set up for children to learn more about technology, one of the important topics for the future.

The Mini Robotics Camp gave an opportunity for the students to find their talent in robotics.In the course of four days, students have learned and accomplished a lot while having a lot of fun. We all want to thank the library’s contributions and all the parents’ support in making this special summer camp a blast. Also, special thanks to the Cupertino Library, the Friends of Cupertino Library, and all the mentors from Lynbrook High School, Alric Siu, Lucy Mou, Clarence Mah, and Albert Chang, as well as our current XBOTS members, Toshitha Jagadeesh, Aurea Siu, Emily Lo, and Alicia Siu.

You can download these pictures here.

-Aurea Siu, Gr.8