Welcome. We are Miller Middle School's robotics team. Located in San Jose, California, our club strives to bring together students from sixth to eight grade to learn and gain a hands on experience on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our club was founded in 2006 by the student Alric Siu. His interest in robotics led him to start and lead this club. With the help of our school principal, Mr.Taylor and our advisor, Mr.Walters, our club began with 20 members. In 2008, the club expanded to over 70 members. Among these members, the core members, Albert Chang, Alric Siu, Aurea Siu, Clarence Mah, Kayoung Lee, Lucy Mou, and Matthew Lee, have competed in our first FLL competition.

Meeting once a week Thursdays after school, members exchange experiences with the Lego Robotics Mindstorm System. Students create robots that can navigate a field, retrieve ping pong balls, and toss them in targets. We also invited Mr.Gene Folk, the inventor of the BIGBIT computer, to teach his class, From Bits to Java, to our members.

We have gained much support through parent volunteers, and our school. Parent volunteers, such as Mrs.Gupta, and teachers, such as Mr.Walters and Mrs.Cohen, have helped us supervise our after school meetings. Members of Lynbrook High Schools robotics club also has come to assist us. Thanks to their help, we have been able to continue our program.